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Mohair Horsewear
Custom handmade 100% Mohair Cinches and Girths
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The 100% real mohair used is incredibly soft and strong, and when matched with the stainless steel or solid brass hardware, it is meant to last a lifetime with proper care.  

The mohair allows for more breathability and sweat wicking.  Something you just can't find with neoprene.  Which is so unbreathable, it is used on blimps to keep the incredibly tiny helium atom from escaping. Not something that is going to allow your equine's skin to breath or cool, no matter how waffled it is.  

Which is one of the reasons neoprene isn't offered as a buckle backer here, though I have a couple other wonderful options, and I am always open to suggestions.

I have several different buckles in both western and english styles and in both stainless steel and solid brass.  I am open to suggestions here as well.

One of the neat things about mohair is it dyes really nice.  It can even take in vibrant colors.  So far, I haven't had any issues with it bleeding.  I'm very careful about thoroughly washing it when it comes out of the dye bath.  Keep in mind the color may be slightly off from what Rit shows on their website since this cord is not bleached and is a natural off-white, or light cream color.

I can do any size from a pony or mini sized 14 Inch all the way to Draft sized 60 Inch.